The Insider’s Coaching M.A.P.

Rise to Your Results in 5 Strategic Steps

THE INSIDER’S COACHING M.A.P., Rise to Your Results in 5 Strategic Steps is your practical roadmap to a balanced professional and private life. A life with quality time for what really matters to you.

New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned coach, mentor and speaker Raymond Aaron advises:

“Apply the guidelines Jan Sjöcrona offers, I have no doubt that taking the five steps will prove to be effective.”

Those steps are:

  1. Find out what really drives you. WHY do you do what you do?
  2. Create laser-sharp focus about the targets you want to reach. WHERE to go?
  3. Annihilate unhelpful beliefs that hold you back. WHO do you want to be in terms of self-worth’?
  4. Learn practical planning and effective execution. WHAT actions to take?
  5. Get comfortable dealing with difficult situations. HOW to handle stress when it hits you fan?

This Is the Most Complete Yet Concise Book About Personal Development That You Will Be Able to Find.

5 Simple Strategies That Work

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About the Author

Jan Sjöcrona is an expert life strategist, trainer, author, and speaker. He studied Strategic Intervention Coaching, NLP-techniques and change management with world-renowned transformation and peak performance specialists. He is a Robbins-Madanes certified life coach.

Jan not only knows how to coach, but he also has extensive experience being coached. His coach helped him to focus, reset priorities and transform his life. Jan understands the value of expert coaching.

Before starting his coaching practice in 2014, Jan worked as a trial lawyer. He stood at the forefront of the (white collar) Criminal Defence Bar in the Netherlands. He has lectured, coached, and published extensively on law, legal skills and ethics, presentation techniques and communication styles.

Born in Sweden, Jan went to school and university in the Netherlands. He is married, with one daughter and is proud to have a grandson.

The Insider’s Coaching M.A.P.

Rise to Your Results in 5 Strategic Steps

Chapter 1 “FAREWELL TO THE MASK: Finding Your True Self”

How the author transformed his own life from top trial lawyer to expert life strategist

Chapter 2 “ADAPTIVE ASPIRATION ANALYSIS: What Really Makes You Tick?”

Guiding you to deeply understand what motivates you to do what you do.


Inspiring you to dream big and efficiently select and prioritize what goals to pursue.

Chapter 4 “LIMITING LIES LIBERATION: Strategies for Confidence”

Presenting cutting-edge techniques to annihilate doubts, uncertainties, fears and create emotional balance.

Chapter 5 “ACHIEVEMENT ACCELERATION AGENDA: Small Steps for Big Changes”

Explaining how to efficiently plan the activities that will yield results fast.

Chapter 6 “SCIENTIFIC STRESS SOLUTIONS: Behavioural Attention for Body-Mind Relaxation and Balance”

Revealing how to effectively reduce and even prevent unhealthy stress.

The Insider's Coaching M.A.P.

Rise to Your Results in 5 Strategic Steps

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