• Written by an expert coach and down to earth insider.
  • Crystal clear advice, no vague ‘new age’ approach.
  • Practical information ready to be used at home.
  • Cutting-edge coaching wisdom.
  • Based on neuroscience, psychology, NLP, and peak performance techniques.

As a true Physiotherapist for The Mind the author will ‘massage’ your thoughts and emotions. He will help you acquire the focus and mind-body balance that will bring you closer to your goals.

“I have no doubt that taking the five steps will prove to be effective. My advice? Apply the guidelines Jan Sjöcrona offers and start living the life of your choice. This book is the perfect and practical M.A.P. for your transformational journey.”

- Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Jan’s coaching style pairs empathy with a business approach. He is respectful yet tenacious. He asks questions that make you think about both professional and personal issues. Thus, points for discussion are quickly identified. He opens doors to new insights. “

- Cynthia de Witt Wijnen-Guman, Notary Public, Partner NewGround Law, Amsterdam

“Jan is extremely on point and empathetic. He quickly reached a deep understanding of bottlenecks and brought me new insights and practical solutions. During a difficult time, he helped me regain mental focus and peace of mind. Jan is a top coach who really makes a difference.”

- NN, Corporate Litigation Lawyer, London | Amsterdam

“You have the unique ability of making people look at their own competence and incompetence, without it being boring or averse.”

- Jacqueline van den Bosch, Partner, IVY Advocaten, Amsterdam

“I’m excited to finally be free of the negative energy. Focusing on this new challenge of new learning and growth, the fulfilment of helping others, so very thrilled to be back on track.”

- Jennifer S., Netherlands

“I really enjoyed meeting you on Skype and wanted to let you know what a powerful session it was with you. I thought you should know that I have not smoked anything since and feel something has shifted deep within my attitude towards the previous challenge. Even in challenging situations I am still embracing the enjoyment of not smoking.”

- Arabella B., United Kingdom

“Jan coached me in a clear and empathetic way. I strongly doubted whether the job and culture of the organization I was working for at the time, were still right for me. My job satisfaction was lacking. I had difficulty putting my finger on the reasons. But Jan held up a mirror to me. And in just two 2-hour sessions, I discovered that my work environment did not sufficiently reflect the value that was important to me, of ‘trust in humanity and equality’. Currently, I am working somewhere else, and I have experienced that step as very positive for my job satisfaction. I am glad that Jan helped me to adequately make a very difficult decision.”

- NN, Corporate Manager, Netherlands

The Insider's Coaching M.A.P.

Rise to Your Results in 5 Strategic Steps

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